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Room rental in Ghent at Carlos Quinto

If you are looking for room rental in Ghent, Carlos Quinto is the right place for you. At Carlos Quinto you will find the perfect ballroom in Ghent for every party. Think of a ballroom for a wedding, for a birthday, for a reception and much more.

Room rental in Ghent: the many options at Carlos Quinto

Which banquet hall you choose in Ghent is determined by various factors that you can take into account when renting a hall in Ghent. Then we think about the nature of the meeting and activity that will take place, as well as the type of venue that you will be calling upon to rent in Ghent. Depending on this, a different type of accommodation is required, which the ballroom in Ghent will have to meet. In addition, the chosen style of the ballroom will also differ if you are looking for room rental in Ghent. Depending on which room rental in Ghent is chosen, services may also be offered. This includes, for example, service for the guests, catering services, technical support and assistance with the organisation of the party.

Room rental in Ghent with service for the guests

If you choose to rent rooms in Ghent with welcome and service of the guests, this can include, among other things:

- Welcoming the guests with the reception of the guests, taking on the coats and assigning the seats to the guests. At Carlos Quinto you can always be sure that your guests will be welcomed well.

- Serving the guests with drinks, snacks and menus at the table. At Carlos Quinto you can count on a professional service.

Room rental in Ghent with catering services

If you choose to rent rooms in Ghent with catering services, this can include, among other things

- The presence of a kitchen with or without service. At Carlos Quinto you can find delicious dishes. The menu for the dinner will be composed by our cook taking into account your wishes. Carlos Quinto will gladly conjure up the most delicious dishes for you and your guests. With attention to detail you can count on amazing flavors and the presentation of our dishes is a real eye catcher.

- The possibility to order drinks according to your wishes at room rental in Ghent. At Carlos Quinto, the diversity of the drinks on offer is great. These drinks can be made available by means of self-service but can also be served by our catering staff.

- Depending on the chosen venue rental in Ghent, the cleaning of the ballroom is included. At Carlos Quinto this is always included in the price.

Room rental in Ghent with technical support

If you choose to rent rooms in Ghent with technical support, this can include, among other things:

- The infrastructure of the ballroom can often be adapted to the specific needs of the event. Carlos Quinto likes to take this into account.

- The presence of light and sound that can be controlled by a DJ. At Carlos Quinto, the hall rental in Ghent is equipped with the necessary high-quality lighting installations, sound installations, wireless microphones and laptops. We can also advise a DJ when requested.

Room rental in Ghent with assistance from the party organization

If you choose to rent rooms in Ghent with assistance with the organisation of the party, this can include, among other things:

- Organizing an event can take a lot of time and energy. If you choose to rent rooms in Ghent, you can sometimes opt for help with the organisation. When you choose Carlos Quinto, we are happy to advise and guide you with our professional knowledge and years of experience. Carlos Quinto will be happy to assist you so that, in consultation, we can find the best working method for your event.

- Dressing up the ballroom can be done by yourself or can ask for your assistance. At Carlos Quinto, both are possible. With our extensive experience we are happy to help you with the decoration of your party at our department room rental in Ghent. If you prefer that we decorate the room according to your wishes and theme, you can be sure that it will be a beautiful and successful party. In addition to offering a beautiful ballroom, we always create a pleasant atmosphere.

- Depending on the desired party, in addition to a certain decoration, a certain accommodation of the ballroom will also be required. You can count on Carlos Quinto for this when you choose our room rental in Ghent. We make sure that the room is properly furnished, nicely dressed, attuned to your event and wishes and equipped with all necessities. We make sure that everything is ready to receive your guests and that your party runs smoothly. At Carlos Quinto, the party rooms are always in order, down to the last detail.

- And have you thought of a photographer who would immortalize your party for you and your guests? Carlos Quinto can help you find a good photographer to work with.

If you choose to rent a room in Ghent and call on Carlos Quinto to do so, it is guaranteed to be a party you will never forget and which your guests will talk about for a long time to come. At Carlos Quinto you can rely on the professional organisation of every party, reception and seminar. We offer extensive lunch options and group menus for groups. Contact us for a quick reservation if you are looking for a restaurant for groups in Ghent. Also take a look at our unique venue in Ghent, well-equipped meeting room in Ghent and our cosy restaurant and tea room.

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