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Meeting room in Ghent

Meetings are an essential link in many companies. Employees usually meet at the same location within the company itself. In addition, it is also possible to hold a conference call with several people via dial-in and dial-out. But an inspiring meeting room in Ghent has proven its efficiency for a wide range of meetings on several occasions.

A meeting room in Ghent serves several purposes

During a meeting, different people come together to communicate, discuss and make appointments with each other. The reasons for a meeting in a meeting room in Ghent can be very diverse. Its purpose can be to provide information, exchange information, form opinions, develop ideas, make decisions, or plan activities. A flexible meeting room in Ghent can offer the ideal solution for presenting projects to clients and partners in a professional setting, as well as for all other meetings. In addition, it is also possible to choose for room rental in Ghent for the organisation of seminars in Ghent.

Brainstorming in a meeting room in Ghent

Brainstorming was developed by the American Osborn. The aim of this meeting technique is to come up with as many ideas as possible in a group that can provide an answer to a question. The aim is to make it possible for everyone to bring their own ideas spontaneously. That is why it is important that all participants are involved. The creativity should be stimulated to the maximum. A meeting room in Ghent can be extra inspiring with this meeting technique.

Well-known meeting techniques collected in a meeting room in Ghent

The metaplan method is a sophisticated brainstorming technique, in which the problem approach is visualised by means of colour cards, stickers and felt-tip pens.

The SWOT analysis identifies the strengths and weaknesses, the main opportunities and threats of a topic. It lends itself well to discussing a situation and developing policy options.

The force field analysis examines which things are visibly or invisibly resisting a system. The six mindsets of the Bono want to encourage people to approach problems in a different way. During this think-tank meeting, everyone is assigned a think-tank and therefore an angle to look at a situation in a certain way.

With an instructional meeting, the objectives of the meeting are explained and the tasks are divided specifically. The chairman then has a strong presence and leads a close consultation. There is no room for discussion, as the decisions have already been taken in the end.

The informative meeting focuses on the exchange of information, with room for presentations and questions. During the decision-making meeting, the progress of the proposed tasks is evaluated. A professional meeting room in Ghent can be adapted to all these meeting techniques.

Meeting room in Ghent also perfect for stand-up

The latest form of meeting is the stand-up and is mainly used in the IT sector. This short meeting, in which the participants remain standing, is part of the Scrumprocedure. During this daily meeting, the participants form a circle and briefly tell each other what they did yesterday, what they are going to do today, and what problems they are experiencing. This type of meeting automatically reduces the amount of time spent in the meeting and ensures that everyone is more on time, which increases efficiency. Choosing a meeting room in Ghent offers many possibilities, so book your meeting room in Ghent quickly with Carlos Quinto. 

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