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Make a reservation at our restaurant for groups in Ghent

If you are looking for a restaurant in Ghent, you have a lot of choices. However, when you are specifically looking for a restaurant for groups in Ghent, it can be a bit of a search. Not every restaurant has the capacity and experience to receive and serve groups. At Carlos Quinto you have come to the right place.

All accommodations for large groups in Ghent

At Carlos Quinto you can book various events for groups in Ghent. With its halls and courtyard Carlos Quinto always has the facilities to receive various groups in a suitable and atmospheric setting. With its spacious accommodations, our restaurant for groups in Ghent is equipped to receive various large groups in a qualitative manner whereby the dining experience remains pleasant for everyone. With our various party rooms, Carlos Quinto is also the perfect address for throwing a party or organizing an event. Depending on the occasion, we will provide an appropriate professional decor or festive atmosphere.

Enjoying privacy is also possible for groups

Both large and small groups can come to Carlos Quinto. Regardless of the size of the group, you can count on culinary dishes and prompt service in our restaurant in Ghent. So everyone can taste together and enjoy a delicious dinner of your choice. Thanks to the spacious rooms, several small groups can dine within the privacy of their group. By using different rooms, conversations can remain within the group and inconvenience from other groups can be avoided. Carlos Quinto has extensive experience in receiving small and large groups.

Timely reservations at a restaurant for groups

When you come together with large groups, it is always advisable to make a reservation in advance, so you can be sure that you can book the necessary place for your group in time. By booking in advance and discussing your wishes, the chef and kitchen team are guaranteed to put together a delicious menu for you. In addition, the rooms can be divided and the tables arranged in such a way that everything is set up for a pleasant reception of your group.

Culinary delights, also for groups

When you go out to dinner in Ghent as a group, the choices for dinner can be limited. Carlos Quinto offers various possibilities. Different menus can be proposed or a menu can be elaborated to fit the group and the desired budget. Variations on the menus are always possible so that allergies and diets can easily be taken into account. When composing group menus, you can choose recipes that are easy to prepare for a group dinner. But at Carlos Quinto, you can also choose more refined dishes. Carlos Quinto's cuisine offers both classics and innovative culinary delights. Come and discover it quickly.

Dinner tailored to your group in Ghent

The possibilities at Carlos Quinto are wide and varied, so we can offer your group an unforgettable experience for any occasion. We are happy to offer you a detailed proposal, tailored to the group, the budget and the occasion. In this way Carlos Quinto always offers you ample options for a surprising dinner in Ghent, even as a group. Carlos Quinto ensures that every visit is a unique experience and a beautiful memory.
Whatever the occasion, Carlos Quinto always gives you and your family, friends, colleagues or other business associates a warm welcome. In her classic setting, Carlos Quinto always welcomes her guests with pleasure in a stylish atmosphere in her restaurant in Ghent.

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