Salons Carlos Quinto

Our restaurant in Ghent, the place to be

For the true burgundian, good and long dining is a delightful affair. When this is done in pleasant company, the food tastes even better. A cozy restaurant is therefore the perfect place to meet friends and family in a pleasant setting. Would you like to eat out in a restaurant in Ghent? Then make sure to visit restaurant Carlos Quinto. We offer the opportunity to have time for each other and nice conversations in a cozy setting.

Enjoy life like a true Burgundian

For epicureans, going out to eat is an important part of life. Nothing is more enjoyable than spending an evening dining together and enjoying the best culinary delights. Don't feel like cooking today? Would you like to relax and indulge in a tasty dinner? At Carlos Quinto, you can enjoy a pleasant evening at a restaurant in Ghent. Be surprised by our newest menus and experience a totally new taste sensation.

Come along and taste the total experience

Dining at Carlos Quinto is more than just eating out. The concept of going to a restaurant as an experience in itself is gladly addressed. This way, eating at a restaurant in Ghent becomes an unforgettable experience. Would you like to have a great time at a restaurant in Ghent? Then come and visit us. With our beautiful outdoor terrace, it is also pleasant to linger in the open air.  

Make time for each other at Carlos Quinto

There are so many good reasons to eat out. Taking the time to enjoy a nice meal together makes us happier and even healthier. So it's time to treat family and friends to a nice dinner together. But even if you just want a moment to yourself, it can be fun to come and eat alone in our restaurant in Ghent. It's sure to be a fun experience.

Come dine in our restaurant in Ghent

Our restaurant in Ghent offers the perfect opportunity to maintain your social contacts or to meet new people. Dining out is great for maintaining your relationships. Chances are that during your visit you will immediately pull out your calendar to set a new date. For quality time you need to make time and what better way to do this than to have a delicious meal in our restaurant in Ghent. We always give you a warm welcome.

With us you are always in good company

When we go out to dinner, we look forward to a delicious dinner in good company. You choose the guests, of course, but we are happy to provide a delicious dinner. At Carlos Quinto, you can also count on beautiful decor. Our restaurant in Ghent is the perfect place to have a delicious chat. A moment with friends, acquaintances, family or colleagues that one remembers with pleasure. A visit to our restaurant in Ghent becomes a unique experience, a nice moment to share with others.

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