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Group outing in Ghent

For a successful group outing in Ghent, Carlos Quinto offers an extensive range of group menus, lunch options, buffets and sandwich meals. To stay in the atmosphere, you can choose a typical Charles Quint buffet, but there are several group menus available. For groups that wish to make a reservation, the restaurant is open daily.

Group outings in Ghent for a varied offer

To experience an unforgettable day as a group, Ghent is the ideal starting point. There are many activities to experience. The city knows how to combine a rich historical past with a vibrant present. In order to fully discover Ghent, several days are needed.

The city immerses every visitor in an immense range of culture, art, events and an extensive catering industry. There are centuries-old castles, historical monuments and museums, brown pubs, colourful regional beers and products, excellent culinary indulgence in the many restaurants, and the possibility of a group lunch. With a pub crawl along the many cafes you will discover all the fine beers.

For music lovers, Ghent is the ideal place to stay. The city has even been declared one of the Creative Cities of Music by Unesco. In Ghent you can discover all kinds of music, and everything is very easy to reach by tram. A group outing in Ghent has a lot to offer.

Discover Ghent with a group outing in Ghent

Whether it's an activity like teambuilding, a group outing, a team day, a meeting, a party, a workshop, or a group lunch. A group outing in Ghent is perfect for all target groups and events. Carlos Quinto, with her professional room rental in Ghent, is always equipped to welcome groups in a pleasant way.

In Ghent, many guides for your group are ready to explore the city in a pleasant, instructive and surprising way. They enthusiastically give a tour of the city centre, give you a look behind the scenes of the Ghent Opera, pay a visit to the Bijloke, the port of Ghent, and the watercourses of Ghent.

With an animated city game, a group can get to know the city in a fun way. A group cruise through the Kuip van Gent is perfect for taking beautiful photos.

In the evening there are also unique opportunities to explore the city. A light walk through the illuminated city allows you to discover the many nice places in a totally different way.

On a group excursion in Ghent to the many places of interest

For a group outing in Ghent, there is a lot to do in the city and there are plenty of must-see sights and activities. The many chain stores in Veldstraat, and several boutiques scattered throughout the city, offer a lot of shopping opportunities. These can be found in the Koestraat, the Bennesteeg, the Jan Breydelstraat, and the Serpentstraat.

The taster should be in the Groot Vleeshuis. You can taste all the Ghent specialities there. Roomer is a nice aperitif, cuberdons provide something sweet, and Tierenteyn mustard for something spicy. A successful group lunch with a pleasant group menu is also possible at Carlos Quinto.

If you like a touch of art, don't forget to visit the S.M.A.K. and STAM. But also the restored Lam Gods is worth a visit. The altarpiece was painted in 1432 by the Van Eyk brothers and can be admired in St Bavo's Cathedral.

With a group, the famous gravestone is definitely a must. From this imposing castle, built in 1180 by Filips Van den Elzas, you have a magnificent view over the city. In addition, it is wonderful to stay along the Graslei and Korenlei. Along this medieval harbour, rows of unique historic buildings can be admired. The Korenmetershuis, the Vrije Schippers, and the Spijker are just a few of the houses to think about. Each house has its own rich history. Across the Graslei, lies the Korenlei.

In the Dreupelkot you can taste more than 200 species of gin. The vanilla genever is now known worldwide. And through the exit you end up in the narrowest street. And the flower market is ideal for starting on Sundays. Take a look at the many colourful stalls and end up at the blue kiosk for fresh oysters with Champagne. Let your group outing in Ghent lead you through the many alleys and enjoy all the discoveries because Ghent spoils you.

Visit Carlos Quinto's cosy restaurant and tea room, as well as the unique party room and well-equipped meeting room. You can go there for the professional organisation of every party, reception, seminar, and extensive lunch options and group menus for groups. Contact us for a quick reservation for a restaurant for groups in Ghent.

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